10 of Superman’s most Absurd Superpowers

Everyone loves themselves some Superman. With his Super-Strength, Super-Breath, Super-Fly and Super-Naivete, it’s hard not to see why.

But the Super Alien doesn’t just stop there. Oh, no. Throughout his Super-Tenure since the Silver Age of comics right up to the imminent release of Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice, ol’ Supes has displayed an absurd variety of superpowers, from the Super-Cool right down to the Super-Dumb.

Check ’em out, Super-Fans!

10. Super Aging-Breath

Superman is famous for his super-breath. His ability to freeze stuff by compressing (decompressing? Science, go figure) air in his lungs got ol’ Supes out of quite a few hairy situations.

His breath has one more characteristic: It can age stuff

In Action Comics #269 (1960), Lois receives a Truth Mirror, a magic mirror that shows a person’s true self. When Superman sees himself in the mirror, it of course shows him off as Clark Kent (of course, since Superman’s alter ego is his true self instead of Superman himself. 60s logic)

So to hide this fact, Superman quickly etches the words ‘This Mirror Tells the Truth, but also may lie to you!’ (again, why trust a mirror that lies?). Seeing that this new etching looks rather new on this antiquated mirror, Superman artificially ages the wood to look centuries old. Because Superman, that’s why.

I’m not sure why he didn’t decide to resort to his next trick…