A certain measure of quietness descended upon the thronged masses when the familiar HBO static intro blared onto the dark screen.

Everyone’s heartbeat danced in unison as Ramin Djawadi’s epic GAME OF THRONES theme drifted into the air like pieces of long forgotten memories now brought to the fore again in a dreamlike sense of deja vu.

When the camera opened with a shot of The Wall slowly panning onto Castle Black and then a prone dead body lying in the blood streaked snow….everyone waited with bated breath.

Time stood still for a moment. The worries of the current world forgotten for but awhile as Westerosi political power struggles and tales of derring do prevailed on tonight’s watch. It was so quiet you could literally hear a pin drop off in the far distance.

Would Jon Snow return tonight?


The excitement was definitely palpable in the air. A hush of anticipation on whether Jon Snow would return in the premiere episode of GAME OF THRONES (GOT) Season 6 seems to be the main question on everybody’s mind; and it peppered many a conversation at HBO and Astro’s Gala Premiere Party held at TREC, Kuala Lumpur last Monday night, on the 25th of April 2016.

After the cliffhanger ending for Season 5 last year, GOT fans have been anxiously awaiting Snow’s fate for the past 11 months – ruminating on every theory of how and when or if he would even return to our beloved Westeros saga again.

GOT S6 Premiere Party - Cosplayers
From L to R: Jamie Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

Photo Credit: GORKL.com

The open area in between ZOUK and Electric Boulevard was dressed up in Westerosi theme by HBO and Astro to enliven the festivities for their GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Premiere Party. A replica of the Iron Throne was front and center of the venue, right after the Red Carpet area where guests could pose against a wall featuring Season 6’s Hall of Faces from the House of Black and White on Braavos.

Models dressed up as your favorite characters from the multi-award winning HBO series were also on site as the Lannister brethren – Jamie, Cersei and Tyrion, plus the Khaleesi (Dany) and Jon Snow which encouragingly posed with patrons and the Iron Throne.


There were also party games available – a mixture of dexterity games involving throwing brightly colored balls into a wall of holes and games of wit organized by Meeples European Boardgame Cafe filled with trivia from the TV show – lending a carnival like atmosphere to the proceedings that night.

GOT S6 Premiere Party - Viewing Episode

The crowd anxiously awaits the GAME OF THRONES Season 6 premiere.

Photo Credit: GORKL.com

The 200 pax crowd started thronging the open air venue right around 7PM, cheerily posing at the Red Carpet and the Iron Throne before partaking in some light refreshments and chatting about what they expect to see in the Season 6 premiere that night.

What is the fate of Stannis Baratheon? What will happen to Jon Snow? How will Cersei Lannister respond to the predicament that has befallen her?

Those were but some of the chatter that could be heard at the premiere party as fans patiently awaited for the event to begin. Before long, celebrated local DJ, Ean of Hitz.fm’s Breakfast Show came on stage to break the ice and give out some GOT-themed swag to their crowd by answering some simple GOT trivia questions.

The last episode of Season 5 was then screened to serve as a starter of sorts for all in attendance before the main course!

GOT S6 Premiere Party - Viewing Episode 1

As Season 6 premiered, we were all enraptured with the plot unfolding before our eyes. #ValarDohaeris

Photo Credit: Used with permission from Meeples – European Boardgame Cafe

By 9PM, the crowd was raring for the first episode of GAME OF THRONES Season 6 to premiere! Ean came onto the stage again to give out more GOT-themed swag by asking audience members more GOT trivia questions.

Before long, all eyes were focused on screen again as the now familiar GOT theme song played and the opening sequence brought us back to the lands of Westeros and its neighboring regions.


For the rest of the night, the crowd reacted enthusiastically to the premiere episode – cheering loudly when a just avenger came to save a fleeing couple from some villainous henchmen; hushed into silence as traitor plunged a knife repeatedly into the regal breast of a Prince; and snickered senselessly at a certain dwarven diplomat as his advances at charity to a beggar was misconstrued as payment for a baby to feast upon instead!

GOT S6 Premiere Party - Swag Bag

Thank you HBO Asia and Astro for the awesome GOT-themed swag bag!

Photo Credit: GORKL.com

By the time the end credits closed out the premiere episode of GAME OF THRONES Season 6, the audience was clearly moved by the events that just unfolded before their eyes.

Based on the seeds of multiple story arcs planted within this premiere episode, Season 6 promises to be exciting indeed as each arc reaches its eventual conclusion this summer  – with promises of intrigue, bloodshed and triumph whispered into our hopeful fan hearts.

Ean came on for the third time to handout more GOT swag and award Best Dressed prizes to audience members that cosplayed for the event.

GOT-themed swag bags were handed out all round to the audience and we quietly dispersed upon the night thoroughly happy with tonight’s watch of the premiere episode for GAME OF THRONES Season 6. A heartfelt thank you to HBO and Astro for inviting GORKL.com to this gala event.

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