GAME BIT | Rumored Playstation 4.5 Specs Revealed

Now this is some tasty rumor that will get Playstation fans buzzed.

Video Game news portal GiantBomb recently revealed that their sources have confirmed that the new console currently dubbed Playstation 4.5, goes by the Codename Playstation Neo. The new console is slated to debut before the Playstation VR, and will feature a higher clockspeed, an improved GPU, and a higher memory bandwidth compared to the current Playstation 4. In addition, the new Playstation Neo is also rumored to support native 4k resolution.


a reality?

Here’s the breakdown:

Original PS4 CPU: 8 Jaguar Cores at 1.6 GHz

PS4 NEO CPU: 8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz

Original PS4 GPU: AMD GCN, 18 CUs at 800 MHz

PS4 NEO GPU: Improved AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz

Original PS4 Memory: 8 GB GDDR5, 176 GB/s

PS4 NEO Memory: 8 GB GDDR5, 218 GB/s

The source also states that starting this October, all games must be shipped with 2 modes; one for the current PS4, dubbed the “Base Mode”, and one for the Neo, dubbed “Neo Mode”

Games slated for a September release are rumored to be required to include the “Neo Mode” in their Day One patch. Older games will be given a chance to patch their games to take advantage of Neo’s capabilities, although whether developers will take the time to do this remains unknown.

The Playstation VR is to be released in the fourth quarter of this year, so if the rumors play true, the Playstation Neo should debut around October 2016.

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