Korean Cosplayer Tasha KILLS IT with her Tracer Cosplay

Blizzard’s upcoming online shooter Overwatch received all sorts of bad press about a month ago for its ‘inappropriate’ depiction of the character Tracer. They’ve since changed the offending pose, which you can check out here.

Female game characters have often been must chastised for being overtly sexualized in either costume or demeanor. An ‘unreal’ depiction of a regular female, some would say.

Korean cosplayer Tasha from Tasha Cosplay debunked that argument every which way, and then some.


She absolutely nails it as the character Tracer, which is both awesome and extremely surreal at the same time. The costume, the hairstyle, even the uncanny pose and demeanor is so spot on, you’d swear this were just a photoshop of the actual game.


If there ever were a live action Overwatch movie, please cast her, Mr. Director sir. Or at least as a stunt double.

You can check out the rest of her photoshoot as Tracer over here, or check out her Facebook page and be part of the 300+ thousand fans to adore her extremely awesome cosplay craft.

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