Super Bowl 2016: Top 5 Best Movie Trailers Round Up

Super Bowl 50 has come and gone.

At the cost of $5 million for a short 30-second TV spot, it doesn’t matter if the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers won. The real winners and losers of Super Bowl 50 were actually the big movie studios that continually pony up these obscene amounts of money year in, year out in the hopes of attaining box office glory once the Summer Blockbuster Season rolls around later in the year.

Why even pay $5 million for a short 30-second TV spot?

To the big movie studios, they believe that even the slimmest chance of having their movie trailer be seen by millions of American consumers watching the Big Game could definitely make or break their movie’s success upon release. Or at least have a positive or negative effect on the movie’s awareness among the mainstream audience. After all, the Super Bowl still is THE most watched TV show in the calendar year for American TV programming.

Super Bowl 50


We feel that the best of the movie trailers below do a great job of selling their story to the mainstream audience, while the worst movie trailers just butchers the audience into oblivion. It doesn’t necessarily means that the winners will definitely have surefire success (i.e. refer to Ted 2’s awesome Super Bowl trailer last year which lead to summer box office failure) or critically bomb at the box office (i.e. refer to Minions’ crap Super Bowl trailer which didn’t affect their summer box office success at all last year).

But at this juncture in the cinematic year, it does still indicate which studios spent their money well, and which just wasted a boatload of cash on confusing the mainstream audience.

On to the trailers!